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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The internet is a strange place

I spent a little bit too long today reading someone's blog that I possibly shouldn't have. Blogs are made for the public to read so there was no reason the writer wouldn't want me to read it but my reaction to it was difficult.  It made me think about the past, it left me feeling a little sad, a little lonely.  I was happy to find out about the writer's activities over the time we haven't been in contact.  I was really impressed with the amount of learning and embracing of life that had taken place.

What do I do with my time?

I knit.  I write patterns.  I spend time with family.  I now learn Japanese.  I watch tv but mostly I knit at the same time so that isn't a waste of time.  I work.  I'm slightly smug to say I enjoy my work and it doesn't bother me to go in every day, which definitely wasn't true of previous jobs.  I keep plodding onward. I've started to run but that is more like plodding onward for most of the time I'm in my trainers.

So really, I've nothing to feel bad about. I'm still moving forward and moving on and getting over it and growing and all those things that take time.  I'm content. 

When I was uploading the pattern for the Christening Gown I was pleased to see I'm building up a library of designs. I'd forgotten how much I'd worked on. It's a nice reminder of that last couple of years that were difficult in some ways but also challenging and productive.

I made these dresses for my goddaughter and I'm very hopeful that next week I'll have a photo of her modelling one of them.  The cream dress is made using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which is very easy to use.

The picture actually shows the back of the dress but that is where the interest lies I suppose. I used several different stitch patterns and gave myself a real headache writing up the different sizes.  In future, I must plan better.  I'll also try to avoid patterns that need sizing every so often to give me a break. This was published in Let's Knit, Magazine 40.

My tv recorder has just surprised me by waking itself up.  I think this means it's going to record something but I've no idea what.  I'm normally at my Japanese lesson at this time of the week so I don't see it happen.  Another example of things moving around me without revolving around me.

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