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Sunday, April 10, 2011

RUN #3

Pre run munch: breakfast cereal hoops
Post run munch: twister ice cream (also contains fruit)
Time of run: 9.45am
Steps: approx 4000
Time: approx 35 mins
Category: With a friend
Feeling: Sore

This morning was my first run with a friend.  It was lovely! Yet again, the advice from all the running resources is correct: training with a friend is fun.  I set my alarm last night to give me plenty of time to get there but was clearly anxious about being late.  I dreamed I'd slept in until 10.49am and then woke with a start to see it was 6.30am.  I've only ever run by myself until now. I was worried I'd be too shy to run so I gabbled a lot while we trotted round the park, including some uphills and an extra circuit around the lake. Hills are new for me too. I think the ice cream afterwards may be considered as not terribly sensible as I started to feel woozy when I got home. I don't think my breakfast cereal helped either and my blood sugar was haywire all day. Which might explain why I bought so much chocolate at the supermarket.  I also stretched and iced my shin and spent the rest of the day obsessing about the pain in it. Humph, I'm not sure what to think about it so I'll just ignore it for now ;)

I spent some time this afternoon reacquainting myself with my bedroom floor.  I don't know when I last saw it but I was embarrassed to find a cardigan I haven't worn since Christmas.  Compound that with then finding a dress I wore to a friend's wedding in SEPTEMBER.  I felt like an archeologist, digging through layers of detritus, moving backwards in time. The bedroom floor is now hoovered and officially a floor rather than a floordrobe again.  I also cleaned my bathroom using some mega stinky chemicals that left the bath extremely clean but me sneezing. 

I've also been swatching a proposal for Let's Knit for the autumn. I don't suppose I should say much more about it but I was using Aragon Yarn and Drops Nepal.

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At 8:30 PM, Blogger Barleygold said...

There's nothing wrong with a post-run ice cream, it helps regulate your core temperature. Or something. :)


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