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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Meet grumpy noblin.  She's not someone you'd like to be around.  She hasn't eaten since lunch time so is hungry and ratty.  She hasn't run since Sunday so is feeling really ready for a run but her shin hurts and noblins should not run on sore legs.  She has a bike with two flat tyres that reminds her of her divorce and noblins don't like to be reminded that they don't know how to pump up a tyre or that they really should take better care of expensive things.  Noblins like to try to ignore things for years and then expect them to be in working order but they aren't.  Grumpy noblins are too grumpy to be pacified with a new phone because they will be expected to work out how to use the phone for themselves. Grumpy noblin has stuck with nokia for years and is now wondering why she switched to sony and remembers the salesmen had a scandinavian accent and should now note that this appears to be a weakness of hers. Grumpy noblin doesn't like cold weather or having to put the heating on or wondering where the sunshine has gone.

Grumpy noblin feels better having vented.  She is now going to find more yarn and chocolate.

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