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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wimbledon is distracting me from my knitting

Here's a picture of a 30 year old.

Here's a picture of some knitting a 30 year old is working on.
Here's a picture of a birthday present for a 30 year old.
Today I left work to come home and work.  I had very good intentions but the Federer and a-Tomic matches thoroughly distracted me. Such exciting tennis, I kept flipping between matches.  By the time they were over, I was emotionally deflated and only tuned in to watch the last game of each of Murray and Nadal's victories.

I did write up the pattern for Bob (yes, shame faced, didn't do that before the holiday) which leaves me free to concentrate on working hard and catching up with the work that is at work.  Having a holiday might be more fun if it didn't mean all the extra work either side of it.  I suppose that would only encourage more people to be irresponsible slackers and actually have holidays ;) Work, work, work.  I enjoy my dayjob which is useful because I would be really miserable otherwise.

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