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Friday, June 17, 2011

So long, bob, and thanks for all the fish

Bob is finished and just needs taking to the post office tomorrow morning.  I'm worn out and hungry and grumpy with my little tablet toy as it doesn't want to play films, or rather it will but without any sound.  I'm going to keep trying to make it work and then I will sulk. I left it a bit late to sort out but I've been working overtime and finishing Bob and, yeah I did go to the cinema twice, want to make something of it? So I could have sorted the tablet already and then I wouldn't be flustered now because tomorrow I am going on Holiday! I'm not at all prepared, and don't even know what knitting to take but I bought a bikini and some tops and mini toiletries and a book from a charity shop so I'm sure I'll be fine. I need to do many things before I go including important things like packing and escorting Bob to the post office and less important things like playing on the computer.

Hooray for summer holidays when the weather here is cold and miserable!

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