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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Training for September #3

Pre run munch: cereal and half a banana
Post run munch: other half of banana, chocolate cereal bar from my 10k goody bag
Time of run: 10.30am gozen ju ji han
Distance: 4ish km
Time: 37 mins
Category: Roses in bloom
Feeling: hot and sweaty

I'm typing this at 5.50 - I can barely type I'm so excited about the mid season finale of Doctor Who that's on in less than an hour! I'm normally at my sister's so can't watch it as it's too scary to have on around the children's bedtime so I record it.  Today I'm at home, I've just polished off a smoothie, I've been to the supermarket, I've got Bob with me and I'm all twitchy with anticipation.

This morning's run wasn't entirely planned but I woke up early and it was quite cloudy but not too warm.  I really enjoyed seeing all the roses in bloom.  I saw at least six different colours but maybe more like ten.  It helped me keep going for further than I thought I could manage in the warmth.  I think I'm going to have to start going either earlier or in the evening.  I was fairly dripping with sweat when I got back which must be good and cleansing and all that but I spent a long time in the bath to feel properly clean.

Last night I was looking through all the films I've recorded and was very surprised and happy to see I had Princess Mononoke. I had just been reading Haikugirl's post about the Ghibli museum in Tokyo and mentally adding it to the must see list for my upcoming trip.  I thought, it's a shame I haven't seen any Studio Ghibli films, I must try harder, then, Boo! there it was, along with My Neighbour Totoro. Animations aren't the best films to knit to as the artists have spent a long time creating a world they want you to immerse yourself in but Bob was at a st-st stage so we both managed to enjoy it.  I really enjoyed it! The story is full of conflicts and noone is simply good or bad.  It's very different from a Disney film.  The progression of the story wasn't (for me) guessable.  It reminded me of the books I've been reading by Diana Wynne Jones which almost brings me full circle because she wrote Howl's Moving Castle, adapted into an animated feature film by... Studio Ghibli!

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