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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

FO Finally

I celebrated finishing a work project by stumbling home and sewing on three buttons that have been waiting patiently for weeks. They are shiny silver buttons that are possibly too heavy for the fabric but look very cute.  I know it's not much but I went to work early two days in a row and even brought work home last night to do, so finishing a personal project felt like a reward for my diligence.  I can now relax at work and start to catch up on the backlog from my holiday.  And it's raining.  Life is good! Well, the rain will clear the air and everything will be a bit cooler.  I could barely concentrate this afternoon as my brain was melting. Now that Bob is done and day-work will be easing up, I can start thinking about new knitting projects.  I actually already have one in mind  - this as a gift but it will have to be kept a little bit secret.  I need to reknit and check some old patterns that can be put up for sale on ravelry now.  And I need to rub some brain cells together for ideas for new patterns. For now, though, I'll finish watching Case Histories and recover from a very hectic few weeks.



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