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Friday, July 08, 2011

Ingrid Shawl

I've taken some more photos of the shawl that was published in let's Knit last month.  They show more clearly the scalloped edge and the changes to the pattern in the centre of the shawl.

My neice kindly modelled it for me too.

 Today is my mum's birthday so some of the family turned up to wreak havok for a few hours.  My big sister made an owl cake which was delicious.
The youngest grandchild helped with opening some presents and eating the cake.  After the littlest ones left, we played rummikub.  I own the first game in spectacular fashion. I couldn't start for ages and picked up as many tiles probably as I'd started with.  When I could finally start, I put all the tiles down in one go.  Ah, small pleasures.

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