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Monday, July 11, 2011

Training for September #5

Pre run munch: fruit and nut bar
Post run munch: risotto for dinner
Time of run: 5.45pm gogo go ji yon ju go fun
Distance: ?
Time: 28 mins
Category: 1x2 run then walk program, 8 reps plus 1 extra minute run and then walk home
Feeling: satisfied

I was pretty nervous of going for a run after such a long break.  My last run was a month ago.  I decided to stick to a run then walk pattern that I used to do very easily. Fortunately, I found it manageable but enough of a challenge to be interesting and feel like I'd put some effort it.  I don't know how much training I'll manage before the race but I'm determined to keep on putting some effort in and not stress about my performance.  I'm also trying to be more active in general and to do some extra exercise every day.  On Saturday, I walked the dogs with my Aunty for over an hour and on Sunday I played tennis and french cricket with my eldest nephews.  This worked out great because there have definitely been weekends when I haven't done much beyond sitting on my sofa, knitting.  I try to include mooching round the supermarket as exercise but I don't think it really counts.  It's a bit like including fruit trifle as one of your five a day. Tomorrow, I'll keep up the good work, and the next day, and the next day and the day after that too, until it becomes habit rather than effort. Well, one day at a time anyway.



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