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Friday, August 19, 2011

I love my 3ds

I really do.  I didn't expect to love it this much and it's interfering with my knitting slightly.  I always intended to buy one when the price improved and then bam, it was half the original price on Tuesday.  Plus there was a bundle offer so I bought Zelda, ocarina of time and Rayman and a (not great) case.  I planned to buy the console to future-proof myself against new pokemon games being released but I wasn't that interested in the new toy itself.  I couldn't stop grinning on Tuesday when I ordered it and was so excited I even confessed to a colleague I'd been internet shopping at work.  I didn't expect to be so excited.  I didn't expect to be wowed by the crisp graphics or the free games and then to be wowed again by how easy it was to connect to the internet, no fiddling with WAP or WEP keys or access rights or being told the internet is there but it refusing to work. Then a little system update later and I've got me a 3d pokedex.  I'm not very good at computer games so I've already had to consult a Rayman walkthrough but overall, two days in, I'm very pleased with my purchase.



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