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Friday, August 12, 2011

Training for September #14

Pre run munch: pb&h on toast (oh the yumminess)
Post run munch: chocolate, oops
Time of run: 6.30pm
Distance: 4.7km
Time: 40 mins
Category: 1x1 run then walk 5 times, 1x2 7 times plus 1 extra at the end

It surprises me how much my enthusiasm for running can vary. On Tuesday, I rushed home, put on my running gear and whizzed out the door, and really enjoyed it.  Today, it took me a long time to get out.  I suppose I was in a miserable mood all day until a Big Bang theory marathon cheered me up somewhat. I still felt lousy though and I had to really focus on not thinking bad thoughts.  Walking for one minute doesn't give me much time to start internally grumbling but two minutes does.  I guess that's partly why I went fast for the first five reps.  I did start to feel better and had a long walk home which reminded me that I really enjoy walking.  I was worrying that I'll have to walk so much of the 10k that I won't enjoy it.  I think I will enjoy it and I'll try to stop putting pressure on myself but I can't help thinking that I do have a goal of being able to run continuously for 20 minutes, not just walk the majority of the way. I don't know if I'm achieving much with the "training" I'm indulging in at the moment.

achievement: improved my mood



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