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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Training for September #15

Pre run munch: smoothie and two oreos
Post run munch: beef dinner
Time of run: 6.30pm
Distance: 4.7km
Time: 39 mins
Category: 1x1 run then walk 6 times, 1x2 7 times plus 1 extra at the end
Feeling: getting fitter

I was a bit worried that I'd messed up my fueling strategy and felt a bit sick/hungry before I went out but all was fine.  It was probably good to run on a slightly emptier stomach. I'm beginning to feel like I'm making progress now and pleased to see I've already trained much more than for the race in May.  I've decided about 40 minutes is long enough to be outside but I do still want to do a longer run before the race.  I'll have to plan that a bit more though as I don't like doing circuits round the village after last time. 



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