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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Strip one is done

I finished square four which is the end of the first strip.  There are going to be three strips so I'm nearly a third of the way through, as there will be finishing and an edging to add.  The strip is far bigger than I expected so it's going to be a decent sized blanket for snuggling under in front of the tv.

I won't say I'm sick of the blanket as I'm not, it's still interesting and relaxing to knit, but I'm tired of the time pressure involved and not having a finished item any time soon.  I know I finished some socks recently but the stash flash has really made me itch to start (and finish) something else.  Perhaps I can sneak out some baby socks as they only take a few hours.
For my dad's birthday, we went out to my parent's favourite restaurant. The food was yummy, and I ate far too much which is entirely appropriate, and even though the usual waiters weren't there, my dad was given a special carved swan and frozen dessert display for his birthday meal.

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