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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Very hot

As soon as I finished those trainer socks, we've had a mini heatwave.  Today I finished work at lunchtime after a gruelling day sitting at someone else's desk while we waited for our computers to be fixed.  The walk home to eat was exhausting.  Only mad dogs and englishmen after all.  I've been watching films and knitting on the blanket.  I though I might finish square four but each square is enormous.  I'm on row 80 something so only another 60 to go.  Knitting on a blanket is hot work so I've been warming up until it's unbearable then cooling down in front of my fan that sounds like an aeroplane taking off. when that's unbearable, I turn it off, am briefly deafened by the tv, turn that down, and start the process over.  

TV: smallville, burn notice, the killing

Film: it could happen to you

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