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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Training for September #10

Pre run munch: banana and almonds
Post run munch: raspberries and yoghurt, chocolates
Time of run: 6.00pm gogo lokuji
Distance: a whopping 1km
Time: 10 mins
Category: my leg hurts
Feeling: you can't win them all

After the epic training on Monday, I was a bit nervous about going out today.  All I really fancied was sitting in front of the tv eating chocolates.  I've learnt how to recognise the times that I don't really want to go out but will enjoy it if I try and the times when it's best if I don't go out as it will spoil things.  Tonight was a time when I decided it was better to have a go.  I have a few techniques to bribe myself to go out for a run when I don't really fancy it.  I put my clothes on with minimal fuss.  This normally does the trick.  If not, I then tell myself I only need to go out for ten minutes and if I'm still not enjoying it I can come back home.  Normally, I'll start having fun and stay out for a bit longer.  If those techniques aren't working, I eat some chocolate.  Not very scientific, but sometimes the sugar boost gets me out of the door.  Today I had to do all of these things and I didn't get very far at all.  My left leg (calf?) hurts and it didn't ease up at all so I walked around for a bit and then went home and finished off another layer of the chocolate box.



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