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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My weekend

I have had a busy weekend. I sneaked out for a run on Saturday morning. There was definitely some soreness so I just ran for a little and mostly walked. It was lovely and sunny and good walking weather. In the aftrenoon I saw my uncle and aunt briefly and then went to London. I met up with the mother of my nearly-goddaughter and gave her the stripey cardigan. We ate mexican food, and I was very surprised to find raw tuna was a mexican dish. It was served on a tostado with spicy sauce and onions. I found it all a bit confusing (raw fish but it's not Japanese?!?!) but that could also have been due to the passion fruit cocktail I'd had.

Afterwards, I had 2 scoops of Ben and Jerrys' and laughed LOTS at Bridesmaids. This is a very funny film! And also sweet and moving and poignant and very funny. My friend and her friend had both seen it before and decided it merited a second viewing and I would be happy to see it again too.  I worked on the yellow socks on the train, which I had to run for in non-running shoes so that probably wasn't a good idea but it was the last train and I didn't want to miss it.
Today, I went to my nearly-sister-in-law's hen day where we made bracelets and played games and had lots of fun.  I was just a bit too tired to fully enjoy it so I didn't make matching earrings. I am looking forward to eating my gingerbreadbride that I decorated. I wore a new dress, too.
I'm really tired but it's not even 7pm so I'm going to watch a film and eat and knit. Lovely.

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