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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fluff up my nose...

...and up in my eyes and on my clothes. Knitting with Angora 50 is mostly pleasant, and the finished fabric is lovely, but the shedding is making me cry.  Or at least rub my eyes and itch my face.  So I decided I could at least protect my clothes by making a project wrap. I've read that women used to make them back in the day and it seemed like good sense.

I started with a skirt from Thailand that I never wear (it makes me look very stumpy).

It has a pleat so there's even more fabric in there than it looks like.
I ripped open all the seams (carefully) and removed the elasticated waist.
I then cut a strip about as wide as needed to cover my from my belly button to my knees when sitting down.  Ok, that's not very helpful, it was about 70cm wide.  I used the whole length of the skirt but because I wanted to keep the whole pattern but it's longer than needed. I then spent a long time ironing and hemming the three edges that weren't already hemmed.  Phew, it was hard work.  I'm not an experienced sewing machiner but I managed to sew three straightish lines and rethread the needle a few times.

The finished rectangle folds up into a lovely parcel.
I can now keep my hat and pattern book in it.  When I open it up, it acts as a lap blanket/clothes protector. And it's pretty.

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