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Friday, February 10, 2012

Some progress shots

 I added some hooks and eyes to my Honey cardigan so it does up most of the way down and it's much more wearable now. It's still very difficult to take a self portrait wearing it though.

 I finished my Ishbel Japan Scarf a long time ago too.  I've not been wearing it recently though as I'm wearing a pashmina to keep warm. The Ishbel is a bit more decorative than super warm.
When I was in Japan, I finished the body of the Simplicity cardigan.  It seems shorter now it's been cast off but blocking should fix that. I had an accident with the yarn and dropped it in the road in the dark, then wrapped it around my legs a few times.  Fortunately, nothing unravelled and my friend rewound the ball for me. I need to do the sleeves next.

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