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Monday, March 26, 2012

Percy nearly finished

Here is percy, all knitted, cast off and waiting for a bath. You can see there is a pattern but it's all lumpyand needs blocking.
After a bath, percy meets blocking wires.  I used three, two for the top edge and one for the centre.
I also used  pins to keep the blocking wires in place and a pin for each bottom edge point.
Once dry, percy lounged all over the sofa to show off the improvement blocking makes.
Chart B is my favourite pattern so if I make a percy#2, I'll repeat Chart B again (and cut out a repeat of A).

I just needed to weave in the ends...and get some decent photos hahahaa.
I've been sucked into an internet blackhole today, catching up on machinations within the knitting world, which is why this post has lots of photos and few words.



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