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Friday, March 16, 2012

Percy progresses

I didn't knit on Percy at all yesterday.  I went straight from work (having splurged at e-beads on four shawls worth of beads as I couldn't decide on colour...and I wanted to splurge) to Japanese which was really trying.  I was exhausted from 5 hours of sanding on Wednesday evening and working really hard all day trying to get ready for an audit next week, and had a headached from a too tight ponytail.  We started our lesson with the usual long conversation in English but we did learn some new things.  Which I don't remember right now.  New vocab and a reminder of agemasu あげます and moraimasu もらいます which we only learnt last week so are storming forward.  There were no cakes, and no cups of tea so I may have been short tempered.  I admitted I'm not signing up for the summer course but I had assumed it wasn't running anyway. I don't feel motivated at all, which may be because I visited Japan last year and won't go again for another year. Perhaps I'll pick up in the autumn when we will be combining our class with another one.  I have found the size of the class limiting this year.

Today, I worked some extra hours and tidied up a bit, found an order from a week ago that people had been searching for on Tuesday (oops) and even admitted it to a colleague.  I didn't have lunch until after 3pm and since have been knitting and catching up on homeland and big bang theory.  My beads arrived (so fast!) and my heart fell a little when I thought that none of the four colours were suitable but actually I think I'll go with the silver lined purple ones. That leaves me black, blue and pink lined green to keep for myself.  I'm really enjoying Percy and am imagining knitting another one for myself but let's wait and see how this one turns out. 

Percy so far:
The start was a bit fiddly and although I like the result, I wonder if I picked up stitches in an unintended plane as there is a weird line. Maybe I'll pay more attention next time.

I'm using grey unicorn yarn and have 200g to work with.  I worked an extra set of Chart A - 8 repeats instead of 4 - and I think this is key to my increased enthusiasm for Chart B compared to the vomit shawl.  There are more internal repeats along each row of Chart B so I cottoned on to the pattern and it became much easier to work.  This did not happen with the vomit shawl.

I've worked rows 5-31 of Chart B so then I went on to Row 0 and it felt really out of sync.  The stitch count is right though so I'm going to have to trust it and continue.  I don't know if I'll stop at Row 27 (as in the pattern) or add another repeat.  I'm torn between enjoying it and wanting to use the new beads.

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