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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy busy

I went for a run today and followed it up with a lovely bath. It is very windy but the rain held off while I was out for about 25 minutes.  I jogged for 4 minutes then about 2.5 minutes at a time.  More running thatn usual but at a much slower pace. I've been working on my project for Let's Knit and it's coming along well although my hand is sore.  I won't do much tomorrow as I'll be at my Japanese class.  I haven't done any since the last lesson which was two weeks ago.  Bad me. I'm trying to balance my time to fit everything but the knitting takes precedence at the moment and I'm trying to keep the house tidy (where normally it falls apart when I'm working towards a deadline). I haven't even had much time for Pikmin.

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