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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm getting sleeve

I am so pleased I'm making progress on this jumper. I started on it when my marriage was going sour, designing it myself. It was going to make me rich, I tell you, RICH! Ignore the fact that it's such a simple design with acres of stocking stitch. Well, then I got to the sleeves and didn't really know how to make sleeve caps and moved onto other projects that were published, learned to drive, moved house, became a divorcee etc and the jumper was put on pause. Three years and a bit later and I've learnt a new technique, which is staggeringly simple, why have I not heard of it before! and lo! and behold (and a few more !!!) and I'm well on the way to having a sleeve. I picked up stitches all around the armpit, totalling 68, and fortunately one of the patterns in Modern Top Down Knitting has that many stitches in it so I could follow the general instructions at the front of the book and instructions with actual numbers.  The trick is to knit 1/6 of the stitches down the front (it's described as 2/3 of the way from the centre of the bottom of the armpit), wrap and turn, knit to 1/6 down the back, wrap and turn, then keep going back and forth bringing one extra stitch into each row until there are only a few stitches left.  So I had 68 sts, I knitted 46, w&t (which in these instructions includes slipping the stitch back to the other needle), purled 24, w&t and was well on my way.  I kept going until 8 stitches were unused, 4 either side of the armpit.
I worked quite a few full rounds before I tried it on and decided the sleeve was too wide so I ripped back to nearer the armpit, it looks like 4 rounds, and started decreasing every 4 rows. I'm pleased I bothered to make the improvement as frogging is always disheartening (especially as I'm magic looping which I dislike too) but there is no point spending 3 years on a jumper just to rush the final furlong and be disappointed. 
I'm going to keep plugging away, and ignoring the fact that the neck line looks quite wonky :)

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