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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Feeling human again

I have been ill with flu, made worse by the fact that I kept dragging myself to work although I mostly only managed the mornings. I thought I just had the cough that was circulating in the office but I realised that shivering over payroll wasn't normal.  It really hit home that I was super suffering when I completed a week without knitting. That's especially strange as I'd just bought new needles ready to start swatching.

Once I started feeling vaguely human, after a Shogun marathon and many oreos and chips, I decided to take some advice from a fictional knitting guru featured in the book How to Knit a Love Song.  It says something like, sometimes you'll hate what you knit and it will be crap so give it up and knit something else instead of hating it.  This struck a chord with the shawl I stalled on last year.  I joined in a KAL and loved everyone else's Percy shawls but to me, mine looked like a pile of vomit. 
So I wrenched it off the needles and started again in silver grey.
I'm already much more excited about it and now wavering on the plan for it to be a birthday gift for someone else. I'm much more comfortable with birthday gifts for myself.

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