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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Japan Day in London part 1

I took the day off of work on Friday and had a wonderful Japan day in London with my big sister Liz. In Japanese, that is approximately

わたし は きんようび に あね と London に いきました。しごと を しませんでした。

We took the train to Waterloo and slipped in a sneaky trip to iKnit which is a short walk away from the station.  We extended the walk slightly by going back and forwards trying to decide the correct direction. There are plenty of  things to temp but I am aware that I have plenty of yarn and WIPs already so I only bought some needles for my next submission to the magazine.

We had a dim sum snack walking back to Waterloo to fetch some sushi and then sat near the eye.  It wasn't quite warm enough to relax but we enjoyed our al fresco lunch.
We walked along the south bank to the Tate Modern. The signpost said it would take about 15 minutes and although we didn't time it, I wouldn't particularly disagree with that assertion.
The Tate Modern is housing a special exhibition of Yayoi Kusuma's work.  Although, the TM is free mostly, you have to pay for this exhibition on Floor 1 and then trot upstairs to Floor 4.  There are 14 rooms, mostly chronological, with examples of her work ranging from sketches and paintings to sculptures and full room installations.  There were also two films and original letters from art exhibition curators. I'm not hugely into art but the room installations were amazing and so I decided it was worth the entrance fee. Something that is free though, was back down on the first floor, and wouldn't make a lot of sense unless you'd been to the exhibition.  There was a room full of white furniture where we were given a sheet or coloured circle stickers to stick anywhere we could reach.  We almost fell over ourselves in excitement where we found a section of wall where people had been sticking the antiholes!
The only photo we were allowed to take was outside we a lovely sculpture.  We didn't hug it like the pumpkin, and were very sad the pumpkin hadn't made it (and even began to wonder if the pumpkin was really by the same artist) but it was cheerful flower.  We had been careful to note down our favourite art pieces as we went found but, as if it had all been planned, there were no postcards of these particular items.  There is a photo of one of them here
Then it was time ot eat snacks and wander off to London Bridge to get the tube to Hyper Japan.  More on that later.

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