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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Green Jumper

I had few doh moments last night which could have ruined the evening. I went to my sister's, specifically taking my green jumper with me to start on the sleeves.I had already repaired a hole in the bottom garter stitch edge.
I had reblocked it as it was so crumpled from 3 years of being ignored.
I took it to knitting on Thursday night and worked on the neck edging, which I finished on Friday.
On Saturday afternoon, I wound the last hank of wool, making a few booboos along the way.  It's pretty old so it snapped in a few places and I think I cut it in a few places too, so I ended up with several little cakes.
I very carefully packed my bag but then messed around with my phone so by the time I was sitting ready to knit at my sister's, I realised the wool cake was still sitting on my sofa.  I was so disappointed as I was really excited about starting a top down set in sleeve for the first time.  It's the first new technique I've learnt in a while and it might mean I can finish this jumper that is over 3 years in the making and a cardigan which is about the same age.  I get stuck on sleeves, it seems.  So after realising my mistake, I consoled myself with delicious moussaka and chocolate. And instead of knitting, we worked on starting an album of Japan photos together.

The other doh moment came from sitting down to book Hyper Japan tickets.  I found the half price advanced sushi tasting tickets weren't available anymore and that although advance tickets for Friday are advertised as £6 instead of £7 you have to pay a £1 booking fee AND another fee for paying with a card.  Dagnammit.  So we decided just to buy tickets on the door, buy sushi on the way, and supplement the whole day with a trip to the Tate Modern to see if the pumpkin sculpture we hugged in Fukuoka would be exhibited.

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