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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Taking a small financial risk

All of the patterns I have written lately have been for the magazine and the yarn has been provided.  I submitted an idea recently that was too late to fit into an appropriate issue.  Or possibly it just wasn't quite right for the magazine.  Well, I'm still keen to make it and thought I'd buy the yarn myself and then publish the pattern on ravelry, putting my money where my knitting is, so to speak. I saw some wool in my local department store on Saturday when I was dashing in with my nephew to buy a ball for Sunday morning football and noticed it had the desired colour range.  I gave up at looking online as the yarns I was investigating had plenty of colours but on the websites the colours were not in rainbow order, or any order really, so I couldn't easily tell if they had what I needed. I went back today, with some trepidation as I realised I would be investing about £65 in this endeavour.  I wasn't too convinced that I'd make this money back. Maybe I will, eventually, but still.  So, I was very pleased when I looked at the next shelf in the shop and found far cheaper yarn, in even better colours! It all cost me £17, and even if I didn't make that money back, I'd still feel I had a bargain of a blanket. 



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