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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to wet block Echo Flower Shawl

Or any triangular shawl really.

What you need:
Sink or washing up bowl
A towel
Blocking wires
Pins (many)
Tape Measure
Large floor space or spare bed
30-45 minutes blocking time plus soaking time plus drying time

1) Soak the finished shawl.  I use only just warm to the touch water, swish some Eucalan wool wash in first then place the shawl in the sink. Leave to soak for about 30 minutes, or all day if you're easily distracted.

2) Collect the wet shawl from the sink and squeeze out as much water as you can. Wrap shawl in a towel and stand on it to squeeze some more water out. Best done in barefoot or crocs, otherwise you end up with damp socks.

3) Transfer to where you're going to end up pinning out the shawl.  I use my living room floor. Thread blocking wires along the longest edge (usually the top edge).  I use two wires, one for each half either side of the centre.
 Echo Flower Shawl doesn't have a yarnover edging so I used the central hole in each flower along the top edge, formed by the 2 into 9 or 3 into 9.

5) Spread the shawl out on the floor, evenly along the blocking wires. Pin the blocking wires at either end without pinning the shawl, to secure the blocking wire in place.

6) Measure the top edge either side of the centre and pin in place.  Don't be afraid to stretch a little.

7) Pin the centre spine in place, again stretching the fabric so the lace pattern opens up. Wool based yarns will have a bit more stretch than the pure silk I used. If the centre has a has a yarn over spine, you could thread it onto more blocking wires. Check the measurements and compare them to the pattern and to what you'd like.

8)  Ease one side of the triangle out and pin along the outermost flowers. Don't pin the edging for now.  Check weather you can stretch the pattern out even more.

9) Repeat for the other side.

10) Check the shawl looks reasonably symmetrical.

11) Pin out each point.  Start at the left edge and ease the points out until you reach the centre.  Repeat for the right edge.
12) Leave to dry.  Feel smug.

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