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Friday, April 28, 2006

Sneak preview

I've just been treated to a sneak preview of some designs in the upcoming issue of The Anticraft. It puts my little leaves to shame.

The new issue is supposed to be out on May 1st. If you haven't seen The Anticraft before, it tries to cater for the de-grannified but non-perky knitters out there and throw in a bit for witches, too.

I used to be very wary and shut off to things like witches, mediums and psychic healing, unless it was religious healing, but my husband's been reading research into remote healing and its possible links with quantum physics. I'm such a sap - make it remotely related to quantum physics and I think it's the most reliable theory ever. I'm trying to be more open minded about these things though. There was a time when widely accepted scientific theory had the sun orbitting us, when physicists believed there really wasn't much more to discover about the universe, when mathematicians didn't believe in imaginery numbers and certainly didn't want to believe in infinity. So, a true scientist doesn't even need proof to believe in things, I suppose. Because, if you didn't believe to some extent, you might not go searching for the proof. But isn't that what spirituality and religion are too?

Noblin's like to think about big things too.


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