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Sunday, April 23, 2006

When we were visiting the new baby, on Easter Saturday, I was treated to seeing a knitted family heirloom. The picture shows the edging and there was a pointy border aswell, around a garter stitch square. The baby's great granny had knitted it for her grandchildren and the baby's granny had kept it carefully for nearly 30 years for her grandchildren.

Here is some blocking. It's more hemp embellishments for the secret shawl. The flower on the right is crocheted. The leaf on the left is bigger than the others and has silver beads up the centre.

I reblocked the baby tank to try to fix some loose ends. I wanted to finish seaming it yesterday but my hand was sore after seeing my Aunty Denise and practising the BSL I learned over the new year.

Oh sure, these horses seem all peaceful now, but don't go getting in their field. They will run at you and headbutt you and call you names.


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