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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Law Student

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments about the Magknits design.

Last weekend, several knitting deadlines came and went. I suppose the first thing to do is admit that I didn't finish the SWS. It became apparent quite early on that I would have to sacrifice other things (sleep and personal hygiene in particular) to finish and I decided it wasn't worth it. The deadline was self imposed and the wedding wasn't really a wedding and they weren't opening presents anyway.

I did make some headway on the embroidery and am about two-thirds of the way through. I'll work on it some more tonight and keep chipping away until I'm done.

Part of the delay is due to me not being totally ecstatic about how it looks at the moment but I think this won't reduce until it's finish and I can step back from this very large project.

Baby Set

Practically Deformed
I finished up all the gifts for my new nephew and his parents were very pleased. His big sister was also pretty pleased as the hat and a tank top fitted her!

I'm not going to show you the finished jumper as it turned out to be a bit of a law student. Do remember that part of Legally Blonde, when she points to Warner's brother's fiancee's photo and says that's what she has to become. PRACTICALLY DEFORMED? No, silly, a law student. Or in this case, a top down raglan with bizarre arm holes.

I gave my neice her cashmerino aran cardigan and she was very pleased with it, enough to give me a little kiss. We spent the rest of the day filling up her watering cans and making a muddy puddle. I made her some little pink socks a long time ago which no longer fit but she keeps trying to wear them, because as we all know, there's nothing finer than hand knitted socks.

Better than Booties, Interweave Knits

I've started her some new ones, using the pattern, and I'm addicted to knitting them. I love knitting baby socks! I haven't been allowed to since before Christmas because I was recommended to stick to big needles and yarn whilst having RSI problems. HOORAY for socks. Remember what I wrote here?

"If I had to only knit with one yarn for ever more I would choose the Artesano Alpaca. It is very soft and springy. It does make me sneeze a bit as fibers sneak their way up my nose. My second choice would be hand dyed sock yarn. I love the colour combinations and the striping and pattern as the stitch count varies. And if I had to choose, I would knit socks forever."

Well bring on the socks frenzy, I say. Although, fortunately, I do not have to choose, so I have also started a non-law-student jumper for my neice in the orange/pink/white german yarn. Okay, must dash, the socks are calling to me from under my desk.


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