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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I've been shopping

The plans for the secret wedding shawl continue. Here are 8 of the required 9 balls of alpaca. I'm picking up another 6 balls for a matching scarf for the husband tomorrow. The shawl will be officially cast on tonight. We cast it on last week but a needle needed replacing and the left end of the machine was far stiffer than the centre which had been in use and the right end. We've loosened it up now with an extremely ropey looking swatch so we're all set.
I was in Berlin last week. Berlin is a fantastic city, obviously with a very troubled recent history and much on it's conscience. It also has lots of yarn!
These are all cotton/acrylic blend and were 1.49 euro each. I also saw some Anchor Bamboolo, a cotton and bamboo blend. They were 4.95 Euro each and at the time I thought that was pricey but then I realised I hadn't worked out the exchange correctly. Perhaps my friend in Berlin will be able to go back and fetch me some when I've knitted all of this up.
I have in mind matching raglan jumpers in the pink-multi and the pale blue for my neice and nephew-on-the-way. They'll have to be machine knit but I couldn't resist casting on for a star hat I found on I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can even though I should really be doing other things. I motivated myself while studying by offering myself a round or two if I reached the end of a section. I studied for far longer than I normally do!


At 12:31 PM, Anonymous jen said...

Lots of new yarn! Glad you found some bargains abroad!


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