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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Run #6

Pre run munch: cereal
Post run munch: banana (and orange tango)
Time of run: 10:15am
Steps: decided not to count
Time: approx 30mins
Category: Mixed up
Feeling: Healthy

I'm typing this while watching the coverage of the London Marathon.  I've never been interested in it before but now it doesn't seem like just a lot of crackpots running an unnatural distance. I don't feel like a marathon is something I'll attempt but it doesn't seem so crazy now.  The stories of the people who are raising money are very moving and I understand the desire to run.  I really enjoy running, less so jogging but it's all good. It's never easy but it can be fun.   I was very aware this morning that the sun was out again today and I was at risk of feeling invincible and injuring myself. After a few laps of the lake, mostly walking, I used all my self control to stop, even though it was fun and I felt like I could keep going.  My shin was twingeing slightly but I don't think it's anything to be too concerned about.  I ran with another friend from my knitting group - who knew there were so many running knitters.  I'm quite taken by running with a friend.  I get to pretend I'm exercising when really I'm just gibbering away about all sorts of things and then we have a drink and more chat afterwards.  I've decided to cut down my planned "training" from three runs to two each week.  I'm hoping this will still give my fitness a boost and let me enjoy the race in May but not leave me hobbling. That means I have 7 more sessions to go!



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