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Monday, May 30, 2011

Training for September #2

Pre run munch: cereal and half a banana
Post run munch: other half of banana, drink of milk
Time of run: 10am gozen ju ji
Distance: 4.2km
Time: 32 mins
Category: steadier
Feeling: ready to eat

Having been feeling a bit run down for the last few days I maybe shouldn't have gone for a run but I really wanted to, especially as I had a full day of eating ahead of me.  I needed to work up a proper appetite ready for lunch out, a tea party with the KniTWells crew and then a roast dinner in the evening at my brother's. Full on xmas style constant eating from 1pm to 8pm.  It was legendary.  I was impressed at how far I ran, especially as it started off too hot and I was considering cutting it short.  There was a cool and very blustery wind and eventually the clouds covered the sky and it was a more pleasant temperature.  As I was running, I started tailing a walker who was ambling along in her smart trainers and smoking.  I found this an interesting combination and wondered where she was going.  I had to run round her and tried to project extra healthy fitness vibes (ie I sucked in my stomach some more and ran a bit faster) then passed her again on my return journey.  I thought I ought to say hello as I couldn't pretend not to have seen her and a runner said hello to me earlier from across the road.  Running on Sunday morning is quite fun as there seems to be more of a local fitness community out and about than at other times.  Cyclists and runners in particular. The rest of the day disappeared in a haze of eating and driving and chatting to some of my nephews.  I played Mario volleyball and won the flower cup much to the oldest nephew's delight as I started off pretty rubbish AND was playing as Peach who made the most annoying fake girly noises. i didn't knit at all so will have to make up for that today but have another full day of eating and seeing family planned - which is how a bank holiday should be.



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