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Thursday, June 02, 2011


I'm being monogamous with Bob and while that means the deadline shouldn't be a stress issue, I'm lining up projects for when it's done. I've signed up to go to a uni reunion at the beginning of July and plan to wear the dress below but though I could knit a new top.

I've bought the pattern for Simplicity cardigan which ties at the front but now I'm wondering if that will fight with detail on the dress. I'm excited about the reunion although I only know two other people who are definitely going and I'm a bit concerned there might be people there I don't want to see but all in all I am excited about it. I need to book train tickets and a hair cut and might try to see friends and their new baby on the way back so it will be a full weekend.  I'd also like to knit something for the new baby so if the reunion is awful, I can always hide in my room making tiny booties.

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