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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keeping up the good work

It was raining on my walk home so I manage to go out for a bike ride after work.  I'll try to tomorrow instead.  So, today to keep up my good work, I dug out my evil wii fit plus.  This delights in telling me I'm overweight and need to reduce my bmi to a level it hasn't been since my wedding.  I don't find it motivational and I don't find it an effective fitness tool but I do like using it occasionally for the yoga.  It also has a diary function that I might start using as I'm trying to exercise something extra every day. The yoga is quite limited and I haven't used many of the muscle exercises as I'm too weedy to even start them.  I do like variety though so have decided to try a few exercise dvds.  The first one I'm going to order is Element: Ballet conditioning which is cheap and has good reviews on Amazon. I'm also going to try 10 Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body.  We shall see.  Maybe I haven't learnt my lesson yet about buying cheap things with good reviews.  I've returned the tablet as it wouldn't play my videos properly in any format.  I think if I replace it I'll stick to an ipod touch (if I decide tiny portability is the priority) or an ipad (if I prefer extra screen size and have money to burn).  I only really want these for when I'm on holiday and don't have another planned until November so I can save it and keep deciding. And even then, I've been on plenty of holidays with neither, so perhaps I'll decide not buy anything else.

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