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Friday, April 27, 2012

Red percy - I hit a snag

The Percy shawl needs LOTS of yarn for binding off. Look how close I was to the end.

I think I managed about 90% of the stitches with the yarn held double. The recipe specifies that you should bind off loosely, and you'll see why when it comes to blocking. A tight bind off, or even an average bind off, will restrict how dramatically you can shape the edging points.

Here's what not quite enough yarn looks like:
More than you'd think? Here it is all neatly wrapped back up, ready to try again.
(here it is posing with my early birthday present)
I decided that rather than try the bind off with one strand of  yarn, I'd double up with another colour. My options were red Dye for Yarn or wine Fyberspates.
I opted for the sparkle sock and one bind off later, the percy was ready to be blocked.  Look at those lovely points!



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