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Thursday, May 03, 2012

New projects

I was browsing through the knitting pdfs on my computer to put Percy on my Kindle when I noticed I owned Manolo already. I knew I wanted to buy it and had lined up the yarn in readiness, but I do not remember the purchase. Happily, I was able to wind the yarn and try a new cast on method in between percy shawls.
It's a slightly fiddly but really cool way to cast on for toe up socks and can be found here.  I don't think I can remember how to do it again so will have to use the instructions but you almost do a long tail cast on but over two needles.

On Sunday, I bought yarn and needles and beads to knit a Percy for my Aunty and it all arrived on Tuesday.  Excellent service from Violet Green, Pavi Yarns and Beads Direct.
So I now have plenty of knitting and both patterns are on my Kindle.  I was excited to find that although the pdfs look a bit small on the screen (as the screen size is roughly A5 instead of A4) I can zoom in, scroll around AND make notes! So, no more losing bits of paper with measurements and gauge on, or running out of room in the margin.  Hooray! :)

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