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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Stash enhancement

Work on Percy #3 continues and I'm still enjoying it. I'm thinking of adding an extra repeat of Chart B if I have enough yarn, which I'm fairly sure I do. I've also started a sock in yarn I bought when I was in Berlin. It's going to be very simple and hopefully won't end up totally the wrong size.
Not content with buying enough german sock yarn for three pairs of socks, when in Berlin, I have also been adding UK yarn to my stash. Well, it is the Jubilee, so supporting local companies is my excuse for spending money that I probably shouldn't. The first is from the Natural Dye Studio, and I also signed up to their Great British Wool Club from July.
Then, I signed up to the Yarnyard steeplechase lace club, as I'm loving the laceweight percy, and then I noticed Nimu were having a sale so, fell off the non-shopping wagon with quite a bump.

It's all rather glorious and I'm glad I tell you, Glad, Glad , Glad, GLad, GLAD.

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