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Sunday, June 10, 2012

MOFO: Jubilee weekend socks

I've finished my Jubilee socks. They took just over a week but that did include many hours of knitting in front of the Jubilee coverage.
If the calves look a little wide and the feet a little stumpy that's intentional as they feet reasonably well, but the calves are a little loose and the feet a smidgen short.  I'll adjust for that on the next pair. 
When I calculated my swatch, I declared I only really wanted 64 sts for the calf but still trusted the calculations and went for 72 sts.  Never blindly follow science, people!

I bought the Faires and Elves Opal sock yarn in Berlin, with Emily, who is now an expert on where to buy yarn in Berlin.  We went to many places and saw many things.

 I posed here, particularly for the crocheted lime green and acid yellow waist coat in the background.
 There was an expansive selection of sturdy German sock yarn in this department store and I quickly gave up on the plan of only buy enough for one pair.  I was surprised to see that even if I didn't have time to knit my own socks, but was desperate for that particularly strong wool blend and faux fair isle patterning, I could buy them ready made.
I think they must have been machine knit as I didn't faint at the price.  I didn't look too closely so I didn't see if there were size option but there were plenty of colours.  I suppose you could even buy them and pass them off as your own work if you took the label off. 

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