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Friday, May 04, 2012

All Craft Media in Administration

All Craft Media (ACM) have just gone into administration owing money, yarn, garments and magazines to many people.
ACM were a phoenix company from Knit Along Media (KAL) who closed down owing money, yarn, garments and magazines to many people.

A new company has been started called Handmade Living.

All of this is connected to Kerrie Allman who closed Magknits, an online magazine, I believe owing money, yarn, and garments to many people. She also ran Hipknits (which is now run by her father) which certainly in the past and possibly now, owed money and yarn to many people. There were also knockon effects to other UK based web companies as overseas customers were reluctant to buy from them as they had b een told that Royal Mail are incredibly unreliable, by Kerrie Allman when Hipknits yarn was not delivered.

There is plenty of information about this on

All through this, people have been accused of lying, trolling, witch hunting, bullying etc.  Please feel free to read the information and draw your own conclusions.

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