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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


There are other blogs that speak of the yarn gods who smile or frown upon you from time to time. Although my husband denies it, the knit god is having a good time out of me at the moment. Below is the newly named Nashville 12B.

Meet Nashville 12B I had thought that Nashville didn't like the alpaca. Maybe it was the fibres or maybe the colour but we were having serious problems. Then, after a bit more adjusting for tension, 60 rows appeared as if from the heavens, not a blemish upon them.

Last night, after Angelknits, I was feeling pretty pleased with the whole set up so I though I'd add in the new ball. As Nashville moved along the row, my heart sank and I realised that yes, pride does come before a fall.

Shouldn't that be attached? Oh yeah, like, shouldn't that be attached? No, not if you don't set up the new ball correctly. Then the machine just spits out your ball worth of sweat and tears.
Dropped stitches By the time it had been scraped off of the floor, most of the stitches had dropped a row or two. I couldn't face asking Nashville to take it back when I'd done such a boob so I thread some sock yarn through the stitches and left it.

Chris suggested that as we were getting in such a groove anyway, the time spent reattaching the knitted section would be better spent by just casting on a fresh and that I rip it all back and have some fun with my wool winder but I didn't feel like I could take any more alpaca flavoured excitement. I will be casting on #3 tonight.

Oh look, it's raining.


At 4:05 AM, Anonymous Robbyn said...

Sounds like you haven't had a very fun day. I hope things go better tomorrow - and that there's no more rain :)


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