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Friday, May 19, 2006

Pottering along

I had a comment after the last post that suggested I might be feeling a bit low. Well, I'm not so much depressed as stressed out which does make me grumpy but is far better than being depressed. If I was depressed I don't think there would be any posting. There would be Duvet, Sleep, Tears. There's always chocolate.

The reason I am stressed is the upcoming accountancy exams. I always stress about these exams. Always. It matters not how prepared I am or how likely it is that I will pass. I think it is likely that I will pass these as these are the Final Ones and if I fail I don't think I would bother to retake them. That would mean the last three and some years have been a Waste of Time. Why do all that studying instead of knitting if I'm not even going to pass anyway. So, there's no room for failure. The other side of this is the Battle With RSI and Being Banned From Knitting so I haven't been studying as hard as I want and I haven't been relaxing as hard as I'd like.

There are three full weeks left until the exams. I've decided to try to finish all the studying in the first week and then have two weeks for question practise. Contrast this with having the whole of May for question practise and you'll see why I'm being grumpy.

Also, I received a letter from the exam board yesterday saying I have been awarded extra time and a scribe can be provided. When you're stressed (and ok, a little depressed) things like that can completely throw you. Chris was really pleased and thought I'd be too but I didn't know what to do and where in the next three weeks to I start practising with a scribe and I hope the scribe looks a bit like this

Today is Friday, which means relaxed day in the office and tomorrow is Cath's birthday party. I'm looking forward to a good curry. I may have a finished tiny hat to show at the weekend aswell.


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