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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Caught Up

For yesterday's bank holiday, I mostly sat knitting and eating chocolate.  I don't feel comfortable starting Eaater Eggs yet so I munched through almost everything else I had, including some Montezumas bars.  The chilli and lime flavour took some getting used to but it's all gone now.  I cast on for Flossie, again again, and wrote out the first few lines of the pattern. I didn't restart Flossie straight away as I didn't want third time lucky to turn into third strike and you're out.  Sometimes it takes a bit of time away from a pattern for me to think about it properly and notice any other problems.  Otherwise, I just see what I want to see, and cruise along like a train on tracks. I hadn't made any calculations for the sleeves, so I double checked those and added a few stitches.  I also incorporated a slight v neckline at the front, so when the cardigan is done up it doesn't choke! I've now knitted all of the little ball that was the ripped back second try and now feel like I'm making progress. It's slow going now though - there are lots of stitches when you combine the front back and sleeves. I do like this method though as you end up with a cardigan when you've finished, not several separate pieces.



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