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Friday, April 22, 2011

Run #7

Pre run munch: pb&h on crumpets
Post run munch: rice pudding and peaches from the fridge
Time of run: 6.30 pm
Steps: 3584
Time: 30 mins including approx 8 mins walk at the end
Category: bewilderingly fast?
Feeling: Relaxed

Oh that was a lovely evening run.  A lovely bank holiday all over really. I read all morning (Definitely Dead, Sookie Stackhouse series) and knitted plenty and watched tv and Romancing the Stone whoop whoop.  I worked more hours in the last 4 days than I normally do in 5 so I was ready for a relaxing day. My run left me feeling relaxed but slightly confused. Did I really cover much more distance than usual? I definitely had a higher ratio of running to walking than normal but misjudged my timings and walked a long way home.  I didn't expect to reach 3000 steps even.  I was conscious I don't want to overdo it and I think I managed that. I stayed mostly in the fields rather on the road to give my feet some more cushioning. The race I've entered is a trail race anyway so there's not much point running on road for training. Here's to the weather staying for the long weekend.



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