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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Starting and restarting

Too tired to write. At least haven't burst into tears at the mention of the royal wedding tonight. Ripping back the Flossie cardigan probably didn't help but it's now a little ball waiting to be restarted.  This evening my sister helped me start making a new bag but as it's too late to sew in a straight line we've left the really tricky bits for another day. I can't ever really sew in a straight line but at least I didn't sew the bag onto itself.   The patterned fabric is from Thailand and there is a blue silk lining from India.  We also used iron on interfacing to make it stiffer and so the white fabric didn't look dirty when it was next to the lining. We listened to Jessie J, chatted to my parents on Facebook and ate various chocolates from Montezumas.  The lime and chilli variety is a bit strong to accompany sewing so we switched to orange space hopper. bed now :)

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