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Monday, April 25, 2011

Run #8

Pre run munch: peaches and yoghurt
Post run munch: sushi
Time of run: 6.30 pm
Steps: 3741
Time: 31 mins including approx 8 mins walk at the end
Category: maybe overdid it
Feeling: energised

It was a lovely cool evening and I was raring to go so I had a lovely run/walk.  My right shin started twingeing at the end so I spent half and hour stretching and will trust the sushi to put me right.  I also learnt that I find it extra difficult to use chopsticks after a run.

I have had a lovely Easter weekend.  Yesterday, I went to my parents' house for lunch, after witnessing the chaos that is the local garage when the big supermarkets are shut.  All I needed was mint sauce (and half price easter eggs) but I struggled to find a parking space.  Especially as one car was spread over two spaces. I tried to park next to it, bumped a recycling bin, then moved to another space. I was a little shamefaced but I glared at the other car so I imagine it was embarrassed too. 

Today, I went shopping and made my sister a phone cosy as she was jealous. I altered the bottom of the cosy slightly so I'll update the pattern too. I haven't shopped properly in a while and today I REALLY shopped which was great fun. I now even have a smart watch for situations other than going for a run. Back to work tomorrow which is fine by me. I need to set up the payroll so I can pay for all this shopping!

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