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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Run #9

Pre run munch: cereal
Post run munch: pb&h on toast
Time of run: 11.00 am
Steps: 4170
Time: 36 mins including approx 8 mins walk at the end
Category: maybe overdid it
Feeling: bit sore

I landed on my right leg badly at dance on Thursday night so I wasn't surprised to feel some soreness on Friday morning's run.  I was working a run then walk strategy as this seems to cover as much distance as consistant jogging, if not more, but I feel better for it.  I don't really know what to say about how I felt yesterday.  I'm just about over it today.  I'm certainly glad I went for a run as I felt much happier when I got back.  I did watch some of the bbc coverage, but fast forwarded through most of it.  I then went to see my nephews and immerse myself in pokemon and knitting to the background of No Strings Attached (much better than I expected including a very funny moment in a restaurant).  This morning I watched them play football and now I have a lack of sleep hangover which is fine.  I've been bibbling about on the internet looking for apps for my phone which I've finally connected to the internet (clue: I had to tick the box marked internet). I've downloaded an Opera internet browser, JA Sensei for practicing japanese writing (my ds screen is mashed so my Japanese tutor was struggling) and I've been looking for a running app.  My house is gruesomely messy so I've made a cup of tea and am contemplating serious tidying up.  Thinking about tidying is more productive than actual tidying as I usually make more of a mess as I try to sort out drawers and move everything from one room to another. I might try to cut down on some clothes actually, as I have pyjamas in every drawer and too many socks.  My sock drawer is all over my bed at the moment. Should I take on the Crazy Aunt Purl challange of halving my stuff? I certainly don't have any hacksaws or fondue pots but would benefit by decreasing aforementioned footwear.

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