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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stop the madness

Today was totally crazy at work.  It must be something about the bank holidays that means you have to cram two days of work into one. It took me about an hour after work to calm my brain down and think coherently.  I enjoyed a mini marathon of The Walking Dead, a new zombie series,which helped.  I worked on my Honey cardigan and it's nearly finished now - just a few more ends to sew in then I can add the buttons. I bought four but I'll only use three and keep one spare. Tomorrow will be another hectic day at work. I'll try to go in early to get ready.  I would have stayed longer this evening but my brain was fried and I get a bit twitchy about being the last one in the office.  I was locked in once and didn't want to have a repeat performance of climbing out of the window. Not a good look.



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