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Monday, May 02, 2011

Bank holiday weekend

I had planned a run this morning but then I thought, why rush around? It's a bank holiday, use it wisely. So I've been reading and playing de blob2 on the ds, and now I'm knitting and watching the mentalist and blogging. Perfect morning. It would be better if I didn't have a massive pile of dirty clothes on my bedroom floor that still haven't yielded my missing running bra.  Later I'm going to my sisters and might swim and watch the losers. I went for a traditional sunday afternoon rummage in blockbusters yesterday, with my younger sister, and we struck preowned dvd gold.  We could have bought about 20 dvds but between us we stuck to a more respectable 7 (with a plan to return later for more) all for £22.  After lovely dinner at my mum's, we went back to my house to watch the switch and catch up on yesterday's so you can't think but you can dance. Busy busy. I even sneaked in a trip to London yesterday morning to see my friend so I guess I should say

きの わたし は ォンドン に いきました 
kino, watashi wa london ni ikimashita
でんしゃ で いきました 
densha de ikimashita (I went on the train)

I had to stand up the whole way in, so I couldn't knit or play ds and just had to watch someone else reading. I have been knitting on Flossie's cardigan and have separated the sleeves out now. I'm going to work on the body in pattern for a while longer and then switch to stripes. It shouldn't take much longer hooray hooray, so then I'll consider whether I want to write this up in more than one size.

Thanks for the interest in the phone cosy! I've updated the pattern page with some more information.  I hope you like it :)

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