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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

FO: Honey Cardigan

My honey cardigan is now finished - woot woot.  I attached the last two buttons today and made my mum take photographs for me. I'm not convinced it's the most flattering shape for me but it's definitely wearable. I'll probably put it away until the autumn and enjoy finding it when the weather gets properly cold again.  It hasn't really been warm lately as there has been a cold vicious wind around spoiling things but even so, I don't think thick knitwear is called for. I really liked the top down, one piece nature of the pattern so I might look for something similar to knit in a thinner yarn. I've got some green merino somewhere that might like to be knitted soon.  I can't remember if it's DK or not so it still might not be wearable until the autumn but then it probably won't be finished much before then.  Or I suppose I could copy my friends in my knitting group and try a whisper cardigan, although I slightly allergic to laceweight.

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